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SR-22 Car Insurance

SR-22 Car Insurance


Need help to get back on the road? Please contact a helpful agent if you have a question at 1-800-771-7758. We help our customers get back on track after a DUI, DWI, driving without insurance, or even an at-fault accident while uninsured.


Authorities in most states require an SR-22 or FR-44 form to show them that you are responsible for your vehicle.


The General Car Insurance will make your SR-22 filing easy, and help you get back on track to your driving-freedom.




What is an SR-22/ FR-44 ?

An SR-22 or "safety responsibility," form is a form that is filed with a state's department of motor vehicles to demonstrate an owner's financial responsibility for their vehicle. Some state's require an FR-44 (financial responsibility) instead of an SR-22, these two forms serve the same purpose.

People are required to carry their SR-22 for a period that varies from state to state, but is usually from three to five years.




After we file your SR-22:

An SR-22 must be carried in the vehicle, along with proof of insurance at all times as long as your SR-22 period has not expired.

If the driver fails to maintain their, "insured" status during the SR-22, their insurance company is required to report this to the department of motor vehicles. Letting your insurance coverage lapse, or failing to insure your vehicle for everyday of the SR-22 period, will result in the suspension of your license.

What happens when my SR-22 is going to expire?

Once our customers are nearing the end of their SR-22 period, we will file a separate form (SR-26) with the DMV to inform them of your commitment to safety and responsibility, and your status as SR-22 is removed.

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