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SR-22 Car Insurance

SR-22 Car Insurance


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Authorities in most states require an SR-22 or FR-44 form to show them that you are responsible for your vehicle.


The General Car Insurance will make your SR-22 filing easy, and help you get back on track to your driving-freedom.




What is an SR-22/FR-44?

An SR-22 or "safety responsibility," form is a form that is filed with a state's department of motor vehicles to demonstrate an owner's financial responsibility for their vehicle. Some states require an FR-44 (financial responsibility) instead of an SR-22, these two forms serve the same purpose.

People are required to carry their SR-22 for a period that varies from state to state but is usually from three to five years.




After we file your SR-22:

An SR-22 must be carried in the vehicle, along with proof of insurance at all times as long as your SR-22 period has not expired.

If the driver fails to maintain their, "insured" status during the SR-22, their insurance company is required to report this to the department of motor vehicles. Letting your insurance coverage lapse, or failing to insure your vehicle for every day of the SR-22 period, will result in the suspension of your license.

What happens when my SR-22 is going to expire?

Once our customers are nearing the end of their SR-22 period, we will file a separate form (SR-26) with the DMV to inform them of your commitment to safety and responsibility, and your status as SR-22 is removed.

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